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March 07, 2006

I Walk Alone: More Pictures

With background music of Green Days Boulevard of Broken Dreams (had just been inspired to post images of my trips while walking down streets and alleys especially along Orchard Road), I present more pictures of my Singapore adventure below.

Backside of flats nearby

There are plenty of colorful flats (apartments) around the neighborhood. Rarely would I find groups of bungalows or row houses clustured in one area.

A hawker stall - drinks

A sample of a hawker stall. This one sells various beverages from fruit and vegetable juices (like carrot juice or sugar cane or lemon or rock melon juice) to various canned drinks (like barley or wheat grass or soy milk or chrysanthemum tea).

A hawker stall - Chinese food

Now this is a sample of a hawker stall selling various Chinese meals. Usually those who man these stalls are of Chinese or Malay descent. Thus, every time I order from their menu, I resort to the "pointing finger-head moving" system of communication with them. They would ask me questions in their own dialect. I would just stare at them blankly without understanding a word they said. I would become mute, until I'll try to talk back in common English mumbo-jumbo like "what" or "ummmm". They would blankly stare at me too. I would point at the food I'd like to "take away" (not take out in Singapore, but yes, take away) with and try to mumble Asian like words such as "hai" (but that sounds Japanese). I would nod to signify that I want the food I pointed at.

That yellow billed black bird

This is the bird I was talking about before that was common in public places. They flit around and rummage through debris and litter. I don't know its exact name. Can someone help me out?

Mosaic tiled wall

Near the Orchard MRT station is this long mosaic tiled wall which I commonly found featured in some tourist brochures or website photographs that feature Orchard Road.

Ngee Ann City Tower

One of the towers of Ngee Ann City mall. The structure of this building is built using red marble. I believe this one houses numerous company offices.

Restaurant with swings

A 24 open type restaurant utilizing some fragile looking rattan swings. Some of the restaurants here along Orchard incorporate gimmicky features such as these.

WheelLock Mall - Cone Structure

This is one of the coolest looking malls I have seen here in Orchard Road. To me, the blue tinted glass and metal structure looks like a christmas tree. The picture below features the intricate metalworks of the cone structure inside.

Inside WheelLock Mall

Oh halu, San Miguel beer

Of course, our San Miguel beer is known internationally and is one of the best tasting beers in the world (this picture was taken just outside a restaurant near Wisma Atria mall).

Nighttime at Singapore Visitors Centre

Here I am against the backdrop of Singapore Visitors Centre also in Orchard Road (picture taken by my friend). Mind you, I am the one in the middle, not the one at the right (it could have been a great shot if not for that person suddenly appearing out of nowhere).


6R1V said...

jio, those birds are crows/ birds...they are usual sights in most cities...but nowhere to be found in manila...told you they were smart...hahaha...i guess guys from the suburbs on occassion still see these birds, like we do in QC.

rmacapobre said...

tequila or gin ..
i dont like beer ..

Sugar Ashley said...

sorry but that's not a crow or a raven.. they're called mynahs.. very common in Singapore. I hope you got to saw more than that in Singapore.. It's a fabulous city to visit.. Esp for her cultural heritage, entertainment & nightlife

jio said...

A friend told me the birds are raven or crows. Well, I believe neither both of your answers are correct. I know a raven/crow from a mynah and I think this bird species is kinda different from a raven/crow and a mynah.

Anyways, let these birds flourish in Singapore's wildlife. :-)

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