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June 24, 2007

Jellyfishes + Lazy Sunday Day

I keep on looking at these videos of Jellyfishes to waste my Sunday or simply rest for awhile (while listening to Cambio's Divisoria on my iPod). Really, the slow wriggling and mindless motions of these jellyfishes do mesmerize me and soothe me(minus the background noise in the videos, but that can be muted out). Well now, this can be a therapy if I need to relax a bit from a hard day's work. Hehehe.

Pair of jellyfish videos (from Sentosa Underwater world).

* * * *

On the subject of being lazy on a Sunday, napping would be a very good activity, as suggested in the fifth post in 13 Bodacious Ways to be Nice to Yourself. I already have an established body clock in which between 530AM to 630AM I would be awake without even the aid of an alarm clock (alarmed cell phone to be exact). And yet, even on a weekend, I still wake up very early in the morning while most are still sleeping. I want to lie still in my bed and snuggle a bit, hoping I could get a very short snooze for a few more minutes but that won't happen. I'm already wide awake by that time. Only if I had a night of heavy drinking will I be knocked out fully and surely wake up very late the next morning. But sometimes, I would still wake up early, though drowsy and with a headache.

Ah, a little nap will do this morning. I'll take one after this post.

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