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June 10, 2007

Goodbye Rico Blanco! Long Live Rivermaya!

Dang! I stumbled across this post from Rebel Pixel about Rico Blanco leaving Rivermaya (the news is official). It's big news alright back at my country where the rock music industry is so vibrant. If I hadn't visited the link to Rebel Pixel from this massive list of links at freelanceswitch (enormous list indeed of good, informative websites) I wouldn't know about the news. It was only last April that they had a fantastic concert here in Singapore. I never knew this would happen to a (already) legendary Philippine band.

Yeah, first it was Bamboo. Now Rico is gone from the band. Who will be the new leader of Rivermaya?

Whatever the reasons of Rico, may he succeed. Same goes to his ex-bandmates.

To remember them, here's a short clip from the Singapore concert of Rivermaya at Downtown East, Pasir Ris.

Long live Rivermaya!

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