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June 30, 2007

On Silent Mode

For a while, I'll be leaving and taking off myself from blogging to attend to something else. Well, I'll not be totally leaving the blogging bug, but as of the moment I am attending to some project. No, it's not something like secretive sector 7 project. It's not office work, mind you.

Hint: something regarding moving out from one place to another. Cryptic as it may be, I'll let you all know once I finish it and figure things out. But you might all stumble upon it if you search it out there.


Anonymous said...

nice blog pareng gio :) - ben cortez (abha mallik's friend hehehe)

jio said...

Oist, Ben pre, cow musta na? At paano mo naman nakita itong blog ko... hehehe. Sabagay may Google nga naman. :-)

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