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June 16, 2007

Posting On A Rainy Day + Home Brewed Images

Currently, I'm nursing myself inside the flat, with a headache and some colds and fever. Also, it's raining outside since this morning. Look's like the weather today emphatize with my sickness.

But anyways... hard rain or not, nothing would deter me from blogging now.

* * * *

I love designing, especially creating graphics and images. I also love drawing. For now (or even years), I've lost some motivation to draw again. Nowadays, using my laptop and Photoshop, I churn out graphics for this blog or even create new ones for creating a spanking new blog layout for my friend Jerry's blog - Maripipi Online.

MaripipiOnline - the new blog layout

What and where is Maripipi? It's a small island in the Philippines with some great beach resorts and where my friend originally came from. I actually envy fellow Filipinos who came from provinces because they've got the chance to grew up in such places where there is no pollution, no heavy traffic, and no chaotic city life. I grew up all my life in the heart of the Philippines - Metro Manila (or Manila to the outside world).

* * * *

Besides the Maripipi Online layout, I also had the chance to create a graphic image for a fellow officemate here in Singapore. He has a band called Launchbox, and they're slowly making a name for themselves along with other amateur Filipino bands residing in Singapore. I'm an avid supporter of their band.

Launchbox Filipino band

Check them out also at my previous post.

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rmacapobre said...

get well soon gio ..

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