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June 09, 2007

A Visit To The Zoo

Wow. That was quite a period off from blogging. Now I'm back again to sharing pictures and trips lately. Starting this month - a visit (back) to the zoo, Singapore Zoo, with a couple of friends (one of which came from the US).

* * * *

At Singapore Zoo Entrance
We enter the Singapore Zoo

Stuffed Toy Snakes
You will see these stuffed snake toys being sold in the souvenir shop inside

Animal Wall Pattern
You'll find this intricate animal wall pattern atop the souvenir shop

Macaw Birds For Photography
Colorful Macaw birds for photography

Siamang Rising
A siamang. A type of monkey. He (or she) is looking at a trainer nearby.

Real Otters
Cute otters waiting for food from spectators

Fake Otters
Now these are fake otters on display nearby

The Tapir
An unusual tapir animal, with its long snout for a nose

Pinkish Blossom
Singapore zoo has also lots of different flora species like this one

White Tigers
White tigers (tiger, tiger burning bright)

The map we have says its a babirusa (a pig or boar type of animal). It could also be a warthog.

Australian Kangaroos
Lots of kangaroos in the Australian Outback area of the zoo

FHM Singapore Zoo Kangaroo Model
And this one doesn't mind to pose for the edition of FHM or Maxim Singapore Zoo

Riding the Elephant Trunk
Ok, this is not the way to ride an elephant

Elephant Finale Show
A wondrous finale show from the playful elephants

Looking Suspiciously
I was taking some pictures of penguins when I noticed this bird perched silently on a glass wall

Lots of penguins, looking like robots in their synchronized movements

A very old turtle (how old is this one?)

Madagasca Hissing Cockroaches
How about some fear factor style hissing cockroaches?

Lemur Closeup
Somehow I'm nervous while taking a closeup picture of this lemur even though it seem so (somewhat) cute and gentle

African Lions
African lions (thanks to my camera's excellent zooming)

Zebras eating their afternoon meal

Crash of Rhinos
A crash of rhinoceros quietly moving around their den

Sleeping Kitsune
I thought this was a fox sleeping, but our map said this is a maned wolf

* * * *

If you ever go around this zoo, I suggest you bring along some big bottle of water (though drinks here are sold but are too expensive) as walking around could be very tiresome. Add to that the humid weather of Singapore that makes walking one sweating activity. Good thing there are air-conditioned shelters strategically placed around the zoo for visitors who needs some rest.

The zoo is located at 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore.

Have fun in this zoo. I had a blast here along with my friends.


rmacapobre said...

> brown rabbit lacks me well???

the translation is "correct". it literally translate to brown rabbit is missing so much to me. but in french it works. it means .. i am missing the brown rabbit ..

> zoos

i love zoos especially where they take extra care of their wards. the most exotic animals i have seen in zoos are the polar bear and the rhino. both giants .. amazing creatures.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha you're back! - eric

jio said...

Sorry Max, ummmm... what are you talking about the brown rabbit???

I also got some pictures of the polar bear in the SG zoo, but it kept on moving, so all I got were blurry images.

Best one I had were close up pictures of fruit-eating bats while they're upside down some branches.

Yo Eric, hello there! :)

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