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October 25, 2005

10 Flavors Of The Jelly Bean

For Halloween, I think it's a nice (and nasty) treat for kids to receive this special Harry Potter's Bertie Bott's 10 Flavor Discovery Box filled with jelly bean candies of assorted flavors. But no, these flavors are not of the familiar sweet flavors such as raspberry or chocolate. For those fans of Harry Potter, they knew what's in these flavors - either you'll get booger, earwax, or maybe vomit.

[Spoilers of flavors ahead - beep, beep!]

I got hold of such a box from a friend. I tasted some of the interesting flavors - the grass (Bermuda grass as someone joked), the soap (Safeguard I guess), and the black pepper (really, it has black pepper particles so it tasted slight gritty).

I've tasted every flavor in the box especially those that most deemed too gross for tasting. The booger tasted booger (how would I know the taste of booger? Sweet though), earwax (the beans have slightly melted so they closely resembled the real thing), spaghetti (no meatballs?), vomit (now this I could say tasted like spaghetti, only chewed and spitted out), sardines (this has got to be the nastiest in the bunch, in my opinion) and the dirt (very interesting since it tasted really like... what else but dirt and grains of sand). For a truly nature fresh feeling, try combining the dirt and grass flavors. Then wash up with a dose of soap flavored jelly beans.

If I'll contribute to this "every flavor" beans, I'll let them create some of the true Filipino flavors such as balut, bagoong, pansit canton, or siling labuyo for the adventurous.


bullish1974 said...

please add saluyot and pakbet flavors.

rmacapobre said...

i know that .net is a big thing atm. and since MS is pushing for it. there is a small chance of it not being embraced by the community. i know that java is just as good. but i think java has failed (maybe im wrong) to keep its promise to improve its performance. it has suffered then and it continues to do so to this day. eventually once .net is supported by the different platforms. i know .net is being ported to linux right now. an attempt by .. i forget .. ill email you later. resistance is useless ..

rmacapobre said...

what kind of development are you doing? si bullish1974 too is a compsci grad. are you also developing shoftware?

jio said...

I am developing software. Reports sa ngayon, client/server.

Thing is, legacy software are the "in" thing. Java is on the hype. I can't find those of need in VB, ASP, .NET technologies. :-(

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