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October 18, 2005

City Rainbow

A rare phenomenon in this part of the city. Pardon my camera phone, it's not as good as any digital camera, yet I have no other choice but to use it before sunlight erases the spectacle.

rainbow over the city

It looks like it's going to rain early this morning as some low lying dark clouds slowly congregate around the vicinity. Good thing I caught this beauty before it eventually vanishes.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gio, that was really cool. Sad, cause I haven't got the chance to see it. San ba yun? Sa makati lang? Galing dude! -Macky

rmacapobre said...

it does look amazing. but there is a known physical process that happens to produce a rainbow. with greater understanding of the science that happens behind something, the experience becomes less mystical. (or more mystical like for einstein when he wonders about the Universe) ..

Sidney said...

You are high and dry... :-)
Nice view over the city and I agree this rainbow adds beauty.

AnP said...

it's a beautiful picture, nonetheless.

grabe, miss ko na ang manila!!!

jio said...

Hi anp! Babalik ka rin naman dito sa Pinas no, maybe Christmas! :-D

riza said...

omg. is this real? nice catch.

jio said...

Hi Riza,

Yup, it's real. Buti na lang nakita ko dito sa itaas ng building ng office. Grainy picture, pero kita mo naman ang ganda ng bahag-hari. Sa Makati pa. :-)

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