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October 22, 2005

Flowerhorn, Arowana, And Other Fish Stories

I used to have assorted freshwater fishes kept as pets in a small rectangular aquarium tank and equipped with a motorized oxygen maker. The aquarium has held quite a number of different fishes ranging from the common goldfishes to guppies and including a monster looking janitor fish that seems to be the only one that gets bigger each day I peer inside to check at their growth progress. This aquarium was placed inside our house's living room; guests would have some momentary entertainment watching these tiny creatures.

There is a local pamahiin (omen) that says it is unlucky to have an aquarium inside the house. Or so they say. I find it silly. Yet, majority in the house ruled; it was decided to place the tank outside, at the house's front porch.

Days passed and I noticed some of the fishes either were missing or turn up floating corpses. My theory that some animal, particularly a cat, could have gone fishing at the open tank. My theory was right: I witnessed one day a stray cat cautiously waiting and lunging its paws in the waters atop the aquarium. I quickly shooed the cat away before it decimated the rest of the fishes. I think the only one strong enough to survive was the janitor fish.

I think that pamahiin was meant for the fate of the fishes and not us.

Yesterday, after lunch break, my office barkada group went to see an exhibit of colorful flowerhorns, arowanas, goldfishes and other colorful fishes held in Glorietta Mall. I knew what arowana species look like but I never saw a single flowerhorn up close until then. I kept on hearing from a friend that flowerhorns are currently the most expensive and sought after breed among fish collectors and breeders. I only saw images of these species from the television. But I never thought I'll be astonished to see one as shown below.

It looks like my head is about to burst. Oh, I am getting a headache now...

Frankly, the fish looks ugly – the head looks like a mushroom head that's about to burst any minute now (reminds me of the martians from Mars Attacks!). By the way, this one was declared the champion flowerhorn as indicated by the label on top of its tank. I have seen other pictures of flowerhorns with smaller head bumps but this one is ridiculous.

Below is angled shot of another flowerhorn with a smaller head bump.

I look normal here, yet I still have this bump

Another, up close and personal.

Look at my mole.

I've set up a flickr set of other pictures taken from the fish exhibit. The set also includes a lone arowana picture (that fish kept on swimming around making it impossible for me to get a good picture of its entire body) and some huge goldfishes (I've included one toilet humor shot of a goldfish taken by an officemate).


blogtoonistmiel said...

Hi Jio, hahaha, these flowerhorns are quite famous with the chinese--you can see from the side that the black scales look like chinese characters--those fishes that carry "legible" and recognizable as auspicious chinese
characters costs thousands of dollars:)

ibalik said...

ayus yung isda, me bayag sa nuo.

jio said...


uhhh... nice.... observation there...


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