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October 03, 2005

October A Comin

I heard someone say "It's October 3 already". In this part of the world, somewhere in the Pacific, it is October 3. Time sure flies fast. One day, I awoke to a rainy morning last Saturday October 1. Now I am wide awake, still trying to sink into my system that today it is October 3. Two days have passed already. What did I accomplish during the two days?

Not much.

I'm still clearing up my thoughts for now. I'll be preparing for what adventures and events will happen today. Signing off (just today).


rmacapobre said...

time is a function of distance over velocity. dont move and you stop time. ^_^

Sidney said...

You slept two days ? :-)

jio said...

:D It's fun sleeping while the weather is cold.

rmacapobre said...

learning french

its started with an idea. i thought i should pick up a hobby thats both fun and healthy. i chose french. i bought a book entitled french language for dummies. i then took a basic french class at the multicultural center (in cebu) for two weeks. just to get started. i stopped, thinking its more practical for me to learn it by myself. on my own time. but the class was primarily significant in a way that it taught me to study the language properly (scientifically / systematically).

speaking of being practical. i think nipponggo is most practical for us in the IT. geographically we are nearer japan. and their open to people from the philippines with IT skills and you guess it .. japanese skills.

hope this helps.

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