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October 17, 2005

Relaxing In Pain And What A Start

What a long respite from blogging. I got to relax my mind a bit and stayed away from posting anything that happened since five days passed. I needed that. And I loved long vacation.

But instead of thoroughly enjoying my weekend, my body instead ached from muscle fatigue (gym). I also felt very tired to go out and do any outdoor activities. Later in the evening, my stomach ached and cramped heavily as if some force is clutching my inner intestines. Puzzling pain, but I was not able to leave anything in the sacred burial grounds (that is my subtle of way of saying "leave something in the bathroom"). You could tell I am quite ranting here but I was in absolute pain for the rest of the night. The following day was no good either as my oversleeping left me with a throbbing headache.

Though at pain, there were moments during the weekend that I enjoyed my relaxation period. I got a DVD version of Land of the Dead (a good horror film from the master zombie creator George Romero but with zombies evolving - communicating and thinking in a primitive way; there are gory scenes that I think would be cut in the versions being shown in local movie theatres); watched it including all features inside the DVD. I continued next with viewing 28 Days Later (zombies here look more like sick people with contagious viruses instead of walking dead, plus they chase preys instead of walking); finally checking again some scenes from one zombie film I watched last year, Dawn of the Dead (now the zombies here look like a cross breed between those dead corpses from the Land of the Dead and 28 Days Later running monsters).

Yes, I got a morbid way of entertainment.

Finally, just to speak out my mind regarding today's interesting start of day, I'll leave my two cents (long story short): public properties do not give anyone the right to lord it over such spaces. Everyone is entitled to such space. I've heard people quipping side comments when other people are at the other end of a long seat trying to pass by politely and calmly to exit the vehicle. Is there something heavy in their buttocks for them to find it inconvenient to move out momentarily from the vehicle to allow other people to exit?

It's amusing to be involved in a verbal tussle with disrespectful and inconsiderate people thinking that they are landowners of public space especially in public utility vehicles.

Thank goodness, in the end I got the last laugh. In Japanese words, such baka.


rmacapobre said...

i would recommend weed but thats illegal in this country. i mean people have exagerrated ideas about what it can do to you.

i also wont recommend it to someone who has an addictive personality because weed IS addictive.

other than that, listening to billie holiday relaxes me ..

purplejeans79 said...


I highly suggest NOT watching 28 Days Later as a potential date movie. What a great film though.

Purplejeans79 (I'll link to your site when the boss isn't looking)

jio said...

Max, beu? drogue? Nah, it'll make me more "makulit" if ever I get high. :-)

28 Days Later felt more like an independent film but with a winning plot.

Thanks for visiting purplejeans79. I'll update soon the blog to link to your site.

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