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October 06, 2005

Monster Playmate

Inspired by looking at the drawings of Diong and Miel, here's another drawing I've done before:

Class, this blog is beginning to be a hodge-podge of posts, pictures and drawings. This is beginning to be a scratch book. Hahaha.


blogtoonistmiel said...

Hi Jio--haha! got to visit your blog!
i like tikbalangs!that goes to show how rich ang imagination ng mga ninuno natin! who would have thought of such amazing creatures?not to mention katakot! mwehehe!

jio said...

O miel, thank you sa bisita. Katuwaan lang itong nagawa ko, nabigyan ko pa nga ito ng title na kapre kahit na tikbalang talaga ito. :-D

rmacapobre said...

there is something sexual about these mysterious creatures: tikbalangs.

jio said...

Hmmmm. What's with the HORSES that makes some people... feel... ;-)

diong said...

Hey thanks for the link :-) Tikbalang and capre are the coolest monster ever... hehe

jio said...

Hello Diong, thanks for dropping by. :-) I've already seen your blog by accident before, but it was a wonderful accident coz I was inspired by your cool sketches there. It's been a while since I drew anything from inspiration.

Yeah, we have such a cool batch of folklore monsters.

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