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September 30, 2005

September Heroes

Before September ends (reminds me of the song Wake Me Up When September Ends), I'd like to congratulate some of my fellow Filipinos for giving a good name to the country in various fields:Speaking of Pacquiao, he is one of the finalists listed in Time's Asia Heroes. As of this writing, he is in a neck-to-neck battle with Korean superstar Rain (Justin of Full House, a Korean tele-series of... ehem, silly pa-cuteness with a female companion in a single house; seems that many young Filipinos go gaga over cutesy antics than substance). I'm not familiar with this guy so I could not draw any inspiring conclusions from this individual.

So you could already guess to whom my vote goes to (no, not with the two feuding female political figures Aquino and Arroyo - they're more of the country's headaches than inspiring Asians).

On the other hand...

I can't help but post my sentiments of the hitting incident that happened yesterday during the first game of the UAAP 2005 Basketball Finals between DLSU and FEU. The game was won by FEU. Losing is quite hard to swallow, but it is an unacceptable act to hit a player out of flared up emotions just for a game. I share the sentiments in the last paragraph of Tin Gamboa's news report.

This is a game where it is expected that someone would win and another would lose. This is a game between schools forged in a pact of sportsmanship and friendly competition in which everyone is expected to act chivalrous and accept whatever the outcome of the game with dignity. A friendly game that should never be mistaken as a do-or-die situation or winning is all that matters only.

We expect this from older individuals whose experiences with life make them think and act maturely unlike the younger ones. But no, this time someone did the mistake to act immaturely and let his heightened emotions control him.

Whatever apology was stated, the deed was done. The name of the school has been tarnished, with the media unstoppable in magnifying the issue (even if he is, as the forum stated, is totally independent from the school). For the moment, let's keep our mouth shut, relax a bit, loosen some muscle, cool some heads, and pick up the broken pieces.

Let this be a lesson in responsibility for any individual, a member or not, who represents the name of an honored institution.


jio said...

Aha, so now the poll is having security problems. Tsk, tsk. In the first place, whoever is the administrator of the site should have known about this before deployment of the site.

Do they know anything about Quality Control in software development?

Fix this up ASAP.

rmacapobre said...

i wouldnt have heard that we won the miss international were it not for your blog entry ^_^ hehehe thanks.

i saw her pictures. she is pretty. but the question in my mind is how many pretty people do you know looks the way they behave?

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