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September 21, 2005

43 Goals and Counting

A friend recommended me this site - 43 Things - and already, I have to say, I am quite hooked. This site is simply a list of goals in life per individual who registered with the site. Yes, we can make a list of our own by writing them down on a piece of paper (ala Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill where she list down the people whom she would kill. Uh, but that is a violent comparison), but this old idea was made practically new by letting your list be shown to others across the globe. Each list of things or goals you want to accomplish in life can be also included in another one's list of goals through linking (ala Friendster). And each goal can have an entry of its own (ala blog entries) in which any individual can pour his or her ideas or steps on how to achieve this goal. Even the craziest goal can be written down in your list.

Two of the most linked up goals that I've seen so far (and shared some of my ideas) are to lose belly fat and to be a better blogger. The former can have a post later on. The latter can be summed up as what I have shared in the site:
"Don’t blog if you feel not like sharing something. Blog only if it matters to you and you are really interested to share it. Don’t worry much if readers would not like what you have posted, as long as it matters to you."
Enough said.

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