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September 19, 2005

Images in Chinatown

In a car, while going to Wai Ying restaurant, passed by a dumplings restaurant

Along with a friend, we went to Chinatown, Manila yesterday to meet up with some of our friends at Wai Ying restaurant. Food is truly excellent and delicious. Inexpensive too. Don't expect much on the ambience. Loved the dimsum and the curry flavored fish fillets.

(A bit dark) Welcome to Manila Chinatown

Took this photograph using my cellphone's camera. Bit dark. I really need a digital camera.

(Taken inside a car) We are nearing Wai Ying restaurant. Just a block away.

Almost there. Just a block away. The street we were passing through was filled with people and cars parked on both sides, even on a Sunday.

Silvery Mazda logo

Can't get enough of my friend's new 4-doored Mazda 3 gray colored car. A sleek machine indeed.


rmacapobre said...

when i was younger (when i was younger daw o .. hehe. meaning to say i think am both biologically and mentally older now), i used to be fascinated with cars. now maybe because of living in a small city where cars remain a luxury i dont find them as fascinating ..

frances bean said...

Oh love Wai Ying :) Especially the milk tea.

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