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September 01, 2005

Christmas Is Nearing To Town

Slightly groggy upon waking up, I was surprised to see the hosts of a daily morning show in the TV donning Santa Claus's hats. Behind them stood a Christmas tree complete with bright and colorful trimmings. Gifts abound their set table and the background music can be heard slightly to the tune of a Christmas song. I now realized that today is September. The first day of September to be exact.

This early celebration is perfectly normal around here in the Philippines, so please, don't nominate this situation in any list of world wide weird wonders.

So what is the significance of the first day of this month being the start of Christmas celebration? Beats me. Maybe it's because of this: Christmas is generally associated as a cold, chilly weather celebration. And when we feel cold, we shiver. We say "brrrr". "Brrrrrr....brrrrrr". And since the months of September to December end with "ber", some inventive Pinoy started to connect this with the icy sensation. "Brr" sounds like "ber", thus we get "Septembrr", "Octobrr", "Novembrr", "Decembrr". Then whoever made this logic started to don his house with Christmas decors, whistling Christmas tunes, making a Christmas list and checking it twice. He's gonna find out whose...

Anyway, class, particularly here in the Philippines, the "ber" months (months ending with "ber" - September to November) are the most anticipated ending months of the year. The yearly countdown to Christmas begins. Christmas music, local and foreign, can be sometimes heard in radio stations and shopping malls here. Numerous advertisements for Christmas bazaars start to pop up every where. Workers start to contemplate on how to save enough money to stack up on their Christmas gift lifts for their loved ones, friends, and even their godchildren who they usually try to run away from.

Expect more Christmas fiesta celebrations in the coming months here in the Philippines.


bullish1974 said...

i heard there's going to be, like, 10 more typhoons here before christmas. yum.

merry christmas, jio.

rmacapobre said...

... ang aga ng christmas sa inyo gio, lol .. do you still draw?

jio said...

10 more typhoons eh? Maybe we'll get one typhoon crossing by December, then it will be a wet and chilly Christmas indeed. Advance Merry Christmas to you too.

Oo, Christmas is very early here around Metro Manila. I'll be seeing malls here slowly putting out their Christmas decors.

Yes, I still draw/doodle/sketch. Nga lang wala pang inspiration. Baka minsan eh makita mo ulit drawing ko pag-naayos ko muli layout dito. :-D

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