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September 26, 2005

Charcoal For You and Me

"My momma always told me to use charcoal to deodorize a stinking smell"
Or so all mothers would say practically to remove the stink from the refrigerator especially the fishy odor.

That's what I found out upon entering the office room. Sprawled behind me is a pile of charcoal on an old newspaper sheet. Apparently, this was placed to suck in the nauseating scent of some paint product like turpentine.

And some playful individual decided to draw on a scratch paper using one of the blocks of charcoal (not me, I insist; that's not how I draw). A pig. With a moustache. With human ears.

Ah, the things you do to relieve stress.

Class, this should have been a photoblog. Bah.


rmacapobre said...

my mother does the same thing. charcoal apparently absorbs odor and dampness in the air. (so bakti hindi gamitin as deodorant? hehehe)

Sidney said...

Maybe your boss ! :-)

jio said...

I should have shown the peace dove charcoal painting... hehehe.

As for the charcoal as deodorants, Filipinas are already apprehensive of getting dark underarms. :-D

erix said...

kala ko ikaw hehe joke! :D meryenda na!!!!

jio said...


Hahaha. Sobrang layo na sa hitsura ko't katawan. ;-)

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