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September 06, 2005

Talent For Drawing

Cockfighting in Cyberspace

Tumbang Preso (Knocking the Can Down)

(Max, if you are asking if I still draw, here are the evidences. These are some of my works coming from my old blog)

I love to draw. I have this talent for drawing, sketching, and painting images of different colors and shapes. But since I am busy at work (for the past 6 years) and shifted my interest to other things, I have neglected much in improving my drawing skills. Add to that the fact that I have simply lost some inspiration to draw again.

But lately, I have found some sites (see some of the site links at the special interest blogs) showcasing their artworks. These gave me some of the needed inspiration to boost my interest again to pick up a pencil and sketch images.

I'll try to post some new artworks again if time permits.


Jelly Beans said...

nice,keep em coming!

Sidney said...

When you have such a talent you should DRAW all the time!

Thanks for the link to my blog !

jio said...

You're welcome sidney. :-)

rmacapobre said...

the works amazing. how does cockfighting in the internet work? or a metaphor is it (yoda speak)? .. ^_^

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