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September 12, 2005

Congratulations Pacquiao!

Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao for winning (TKO) against his opponent, Hector Velazquez, in the concluded super featherweight bout yesterday. To me, his winning did more than lifting the spirits of his countrymen - entertainment-wise he made a good show worth watching while drinking and feasting with buddies. Meanwhile Erik Morales made a lackluster performance of his match and eventually lost.

You really can't win them all.

Anyway, we'll see if the rematch (scheduled by next year) between these two fighters would generate more fury and grit.

Ahem, let we dedicate the popular song, Noypi, of the band Bamboo to our boxing hero (we'll go directly to the chorus, and sing with pure angst):

...Hoy! Pinoy ako
Buo aking loob
May agimat ang dugo ko
Hoy! Pinoy ako
May agimat ang dugo ko...


Sidney said...

Indeed, great match. Congratulations to Pacquiano ! He put the Philippines back on the map in a positive way :-)

rmacapobre said...

i dont want to sound ungrateful for this win and all but i wish we (filipinoes) would work on more intellect based victories like discoveries.

tinging ko .. kasalanan ng media, sapagkat di nagiging or malimit maging laman nito ang mga gawaing pang scientifica o technologia na sa aking pangtingin ay higit (na higit) sa sports, lalo nat sa sports na boxing.

jio said...

Ganun talaga...

Well, by nature, I observe we excel more in these areas of sports and entertainment. We are indeed an intelligent race no doubt about it. But somehow, the culture and interest of this country prefer sports and entertainment.

Yes, media is one factor. There are other countless factors out there.

oliver said...

The living Filipino Hero!
Despite of all bad issues about Philippines..

here is Pacquiao bringing honor to our country!

mabuhay ka PACMAN!

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