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April 14, 2006

Friday, My Goodness

Being a Catholic, it's one of my duties to attend mass especially this Good Friday. But I observed here in Singapore, even though today is a holiday, everyone seems to be enjoying and doing things normally. I should not be surprised since being a multi-cultural place, those few Catholic citizens will be the one who would solemnly celebrate this day while the rest of the population would go out and enjoy the holiday with friends, families and loved ones.

Good thing there was a nearby church a few bus stops away (the handy bus terminal book I bought was so helpful that instead of utilizing the MRT trains I usually ride the bus to go places more frequently). Good to see that there are many Singaporean Catholics (and even obvious expats) of other races who visited the church.

What I like about in Singapore is the religious tolerance the country practices to unite all people of different races. It makes this country more fascinating and more challenging for me, especially when I relate to other Singaporeans - Chinese, Malays, Indians, other fellow Filipinos and the Americans or Europeans.

Currently, I only know two languages - Tagalog/Filipino and English. I plan to study Chinese language (like Mandarin) someday just like what my friend is doing nowadays. I know this would help me further in understanding and blending with the locals.


eric said...

uy! akala ko ba magkikita tayo bago ka umalis? hehe anyway ok lang, i know that u r very bz. i guess iL just have to visit you there someday.. soon.. :D

hey ingat na lang lagi! goodluck sa bagong mundo! mabuhay ka! you made it! NAKS naman!!

jio said...

Yo, Eric.

Oo nga, hindi tuloy tayo nagkita bago ako pumunta dito. Thanks for the luck.

Ano iyang balak mong punta dito? Padala ulit ng kumpanya o sariling punta? :-D

rmacapobre said...

i just know a number of chinese words. knowing chinese/japanese is strategic and practical. its where the jobs will be at in the next few years.

nee haw ma
kung hei fat choi
gwa ay dee

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