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April 12, 2006

Nine To Six Here

So how's my first day of work here in Singapore last Monday? Well, the usual stuffs when one new employee gets to be introduced to his new work co-employees. But this time it's totally different for me since I go to introduce myself before a panel of Singaporeans (bosses and other staffs). One should have been there but was out in an MC (term used here to indicate one was on a "sick leave"). That person turns out to be a fellow Filipino.

Overall, my day one was more of introductions and preparations of my ID card, computer login name, network access, and documentation previews.

Nine to six. That is the usual period of work here in the bank I am currently working under contract. Back home, I'm used to getting myself prepared to start the working day at eight in the morning till five or six in the evening. And still, I don't need an alarm clock to wake myself up - I had already developed a bodyclock that automatically alerts me to open my eyes at around six to six-thirty in the morning. Make me sleep late in the evening or early in the morning and mysteriously I would make up at around six to six-thirty (unless of course I'm dead tired the previous day; I would eventually slept longer and wake up later at around seven till eight).

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AnP said...

OMG. You got the job!!!
Wooghoooooo!!! COngrats, Jio!!!

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