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April 04, 2006

Safe Landing Once Again

I'm back here in Singapore (Note: For an economy trip, Singapore Airlines has an excellent service). I've been momentarily staying at a friend/ex-officemate's apartment somewhere in Tampines, Singapore. But tomorrow, I'll be moving out to a new room in a small apartment in Paya Lebar area. That room has the complete basic amenities, more importantly my own bathroom inside my room. That is a plus point. The view outside of my room's window opens out to a nearby garden where various plantlife are tended for landscaping use. This reminds of somewhat of the disturbing short story Secret Window, Secret Garden by Stephen King.

I have about almost half of this week left to explore places, relax, and familiarize myself (more) of the MRT stations and bus routes of Singapore. It's important for any stranger in a foreign land to be familiar with the transportation system of the country, lest you'll never be (literally) going places and just be stuck in one's sanctuary fearful of strangers and unfamiliar things outside.

I'll cut things short for a while. I'm busy again preparing my things for the eventual move out. Till next blogging day.

* * * *

It's raining cats and dogs, hurling ball lightnings and booming high decibel thunders for two days now. And I thought I'll be expecting long weeks of summer heat here in Singapore.


rmacapobre said...

you should get cable .. i heard theres only one english channel in singapore

Sidney said...

It is not such a big city/country. I don't think you can get lost and they are well organised! Good luck with your new job! Nic you got your own place already !

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