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April 08, 2006

Near The Shoreline

I was surprised to see in the map of the current place I am residing that Singapore's shoreline is just a few blocks away. Meaning, our place is quite near the edge of this country. And this morning, I went down to see the bay view; I was quite impressed to see a long stretch of pale beige colored sand along the shoreline and a few locals where either camping along the shoreline or swimming in the waters. (To reach there, I had to pass a short route inside a park full of trees and exotic plants). Beyond the bay are many large cargo ships lining the horizon of the sea. This reminds me of the Philippines' baywalk along Roxas Boulevard minus the sea stench and floating debris. Still, nothing beats the awesome burning red sunset we have back home along baywalk. I do miss that sunset scenery. I miss home already.

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rmacapobre said...

there isnt a place in the south east asia that isnt near the beach. ^_^

the best place to watch the sunset so far for me is the port town of dumaguete (aux philippines).

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