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April 23, 2006

Training Days And Languages

I had been busy attending training for six days since last week, so I wasn't able to catch up on my blogging habits lately.

Just like in my former job, I got to be trained this time with a new set of reporting tools that my current employer has been utilizing. I was glad to be trained first instead of immersing myself at once at the beginning of my work week.

During the training, I got to meet and interact with people of different nationalities. I find it amusing and at the same time challenging to communicate with them. Luckily, English is widely used here in Singapore. But just like Taglish back in the Philippines, most use Singlish - English mixed with Singaporean local terminologies in between. Some pronunciations and accents make it at first difficult for me to understand what my colleagues would say. But eventually, I got the hang of it. Along with other colleagues, during the training days, we got to meet with two instructors. One was a French woman and the other a Swiss man. Both could communicate well in English, though I sometimes mistake a word or two from them because of the difference in English accents that I'm used to back in the Philippines.

Just yesterday, while playing a card game with a Singaporean local, he asked me the country I came from. But before I could tell him, he asked me if I was from the Philippines. Astonished of course, I replied back on how he guessed it right. He told me that I got this distinct accent that Filipinos have when speaking in English clearly.

I guess that tells it all (with a hidden smile on my face).


purplejeans79 said...

So you're learning a little Singlish, la? :)

jio said...

Yeah, the challenge is for me to understand every bit of word people are using here. Even if they do communicate with me using English, I just need to get a hang with their speaking speed and their unique intonation and pronunciation of some English words. To some it up: totally confusing for me! :-)

rmacapobre said...

learning to be fluent in any language is a long process. singlish, taglish are states in progress towards fluency.

in fact when we speak of the english language today, we are talking of centuries of borrowing/lending between other languages like german, french, and even filipino.

btw gio. i was offered a job in singapore. they were offering me 3k to 4k singaporean dollars a month. is this enough? im inclined to turn it down though. because im targeting another country ..

jio said...

I believed, with that amount to 4K, that would be enough... I think more than enough for single people (unattached, unmarried, without kids). But whatever floats your boat - go for it or go for your target country. Good luck then. :-)

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