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April 01, 2006

Preparing To Say Sayonara

Ain't no fool today on April Fool's. I'm doing some last minute preparations before I leave the Philippines tomorrow afternoon to my new place in Singapore. I will start working on April 10, so I've got about a week left before I strut my cranial stuffs back at work.

I know... I will be leaving many memorable things about my country - especially the people I cherish, both my family and friends. I guess I could say, that this would temporarily be my farewell. I am not sure if I could blog soon once I arrive in Singapore. If I'm lucky, I might find an internet kiosk and start blogging my activities. It will be a long while before I could save up and buy my own laptop complete with an internet connection. Well, that's one of my plans during my work contract in Singapore.

Wish me luck. I know I'll be treading into unchartered regions (only in my case).

See you soon, guys.


gers said...

ingat bro and have fun

jio said...

Oooh, halu, gers:

Yup, safe landing ako at heto't masaya sa ngayon dito sa Singapore. :-)

Pakamusta na lang diyan sa office.

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